Month: April 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

As I reported yesterday, part of Weston High School’s Earth Day observances was a screening of An Inconvenient Truth. This event was attended by everyone — students and teachers alike. (Almost everyone, actually. A few kids skipped out, and some… Read More ›

Earth Day in Weston

We observed Earth Day today at Weston High School (since the real Earth Day will come right after April vacation). Classes were shortened to 55 minutes to allow time for a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, and we had guest… Read More ›

The Children of Room E4

In my post of February 23, I quoted from an NPR interview with Susan Eaton and said, “I’ll have to read the book.” Not surprisingly, I wasn’t the first in the queue for a library copy of The Children in… Read More ›

The Shape of Space

Consider what we teach in high-school geometry: There’s a lot of content from various two-dimensional topics, such as congruence, similarity, angles, polygons, and area. Much of this rehashes what was already done in middle school, though (we hope) in greater… Read More ›


Had lunch on Saturday at the newly opened Mifune in Arlington Center — despite the fact that a review on Yelp claims that they didn’t open until Monday. Here’s what the reviewer says, dated today, with a few irrelevancies omitted:… Read More ›

Ice Chips

Barbara and I spent an enjoyable afternoon yesterday at the annual Ice Chips show in Boston (not Cambridge, even though the arena is on the extended Harvard campus). The “special guest star” was Sasha Cohen, but we went primarily to… Read More ›