Month: December 2007

Veterans' Day Assembly

Delayed post (originally written 11/10): This was the first year in my memory that Weston High School held a Veterans’ Day Assembly. It was extraordinarily well done, and a truly moving experience to boot. Second World War veterans and their… Read More ›

An Absolute Turkey

Delayed post (originally written 11/18): The Theater Company at Weston High School put on a hilarious performance of Georges Feydeau’s 1896 farce, An Absolute Turkey this weekend. Director and theater teacher John Minigan reports that “the French mother of a… Read More ›

Switzerland is not Sweden

An overheard conversation: “Where’s Ms. Shields this year?” one sophomore asked. Before I could reply, one of her classmates gave her the answer: “Don’t you remember? She got married and moved to Philadelphia.” “Oh, yes,” recalled the first student. “She… Read More ›

Cross at the green

“Cross at the green, not in between.” Didn’t we all learn that rule as children? Dorchester is inner-city: a very urban environment. It’s dangerous to cross against the light! It’s dangerous to walk across Dot Ave right in front of… Read More ›

Hiatus is over

OK, OK, I’ll start blogging again! First I ran into recent Weston alumni Sheldon and Chester at the school play, and they asked why I hadn’t posted recently. “Yes, I know,” I replied. “I haven’t posted in five months.” “Six,… Read More ›