Month: November 2015

Communicating with students

Sam Shah, math teacher extraordinaire from Brooklyn, has recently written a useful post about getting information from students. Like many of us, he begins the year by asking his students to write something about themselves. In my own classes this… Read More ›

Einstein’s Dreams

What a mystifying play! Yesterday I went to see Einstein’s Dreams at the Central Square Theater, and I wish I brought Dr. Korsunsky along so that he could have explained the physics to me. A year of honors physics in high school was… Read More ›

No problem.

Kudos to “Miss Conduct” in today’s Boston Globe for her scientifically and morally correct answer to a reader’s question about language. A reader from East Falmouth had written in with the following question: When I thank waitstaff or some other… Read More ›

Flowering Judas

For some reason it has been nine years since I’ve reviewed a Jane Haddam novel, despite the fact that I’ve read and enjoyed almost all of the 25 or so books in her Gregor Demarkian mystery series. Flowering Judas is the most recent;… Read More ›