Month: December 2015


Two headlines from different publications: No Rich Child Left Behind, and Enriching the Rich: Why MOOCs are not improving education Weston High faculty creates online courses for the world Are these headlines saying the same thing in different words? Not really…. Read More ›

The food never arrived!

Oh noes! I waited and waited…they even sent me a receipt by email…but the food never arrived! Then I realized that I hadn’t ordered delivery for lunch…and such an odd menu…maybe they confused Dorchester, MA, with its namesake, Dorchester, England…. Read More ›

224, etc.

Twenty-five years ago you could count the number of good restaurants in Dorchester  on the fingers of one hand (even if you had broken two fingers). Today it would take both hands and a foot…more likely two feet. The first… Read More ›

The Jewels of Paradise

Venice! Thrice before [ooh…how often do you get to use the word “thrice”?] in this blog I’ve reviewed books by Donna Leon: Blood from a Stone on March 4, 2007; The Girl of his Dreams on November 27, 2008; and The Golden Egg on September… Read More ›

Bruno and the Carol Singers

Normally I wouldn’t even bother to review this slight and forgettable volume by Martin Walker, but it provides such a nice “compare and contrast” opportunity that I can’t resist. Immediately after reading The Children Return, I turned to Bruno and the Carol Singers, another… Read More ›