Month: June 2020

Grim fairytales

That’s grim, not Grimm. Well, both, actually. As some Americans — and all Germans — know, the Grimm fairytales can be quite grim. Some of us have gained a particular perspective on this point from Stephen Sondheim’s wonderful musical, Into the… Read More ›

Special dinner from Tavolo

Example of unaware white privilege: A middle-class white guy complains that meals during the shutdown have included too much pasta, too much pizza, too many casseroles. I’m not going to be that guy. We’re not complaining. Still, it was great… Read More ›

Because Language

Just over a year ago, I published a blog post in which I added Talk the Talk to my short list of favorite linguistics podcasts. The bad news is that Talk the Talk is no more. The good news is… Read More ›

Apparently I was unclear…

Apparently I was unclear In yesterday’s post. In no way was I advocating getting rid of trig as a unit in regular high-school math, as some readers apparently thought. I wouldn’t do that; whenever I taught precalc, which I did… Read More ›