Month: July 2020

Performances? Performances!

A published book is a performance. A translation is a performance. Actually, I never used to think of either of them that way, but John Talbot and James Harbeck have convinced me. In JT’s case it was an oral conversation… Read More ›

Tavolo is back!

It was so nice to be able to see our friends at Tavolo last night for the first time dining there (not just takeout!) since the pandemic began. We’re talking safe dining on the improvised outdoor patio on Dot Ave,… Read More ›

It can’t happen here.

In 1964, when Barry Goldwater was running for president, Sinclair Lewis’s 1935 novel It Can’t Happen Here came to my attention, so I promptly checked a copy out of the library and read it right away. In case you’ve never heard of… Read More ›