What‽ Ashmont Grill again‽

It seems that Barbara and I visited the Ashmont Grill just two weeks ago.

It seems like that because it’s true. But we just had to go again last night when we saw the list of specials: I couldn’t resist the trifecta of lobster bisque, duck, and beignets.

So, more specifically:

Barbara started with a dozen small but excellent Duxbury oysters, while I started with the lobster bisque made with sherry, light cream, parsley, and plenty of large pieces of lobster! Then the main course, for which Barbara had the reliable wood-grilled steak tips with mashed potatoes and green beans, and I had the aforementioned delicious oven-roasted duck breast (prepared medium rare as ordered) with forest mushroom risotto, orange-cranberry chutney, and cole slaw. We had to take half of it home, in order to leave room for the outstanding beignets, hot and scrumptious with the requisite chocolate sauce.

Yum! We shouldn’t have done it, but it was worth the sacrifice.

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