Month: March 2022

In praise of Omniglot

What, you may ask, is Omniglot? Well, the name gives it away (or hints at it, at least). Latin omni- ‘all, every’ followed by Greek glot- ‘tongue, language’ tells you that it has something to do with every language. And… Read More ›

More deliciosity from AG

Last night deserved another dinner at the Ashmont Grill—first time without masks in a couple of years! Barbara started with an “appetizer-sized” portion of three delicious barbecued pork belly sliders with mango BBQ glaze, shaved romaine, and pickled onions. Clearly… Read More ›


Yes, I occasionally read YA novels. Maybe one or two a year. Perhaps it’s because I’m a teacher of young adults; there are certain Young Adult novels that give the reader insight into these fascinating creatures, just as there are… Read More ›