Month: November 2006

Sig figs

Science teachers — and science textbooks — generally insist on careful attention to significant figures. Math teachers — and math textbooks — generally pay no attention to them. Here are two representative examples: Our Algebra II textbook contains a word… Read More ›

Upcoming model railroad shows

Two upcoming model railroad shows: Tech Model Railroad Club, Saturday, November 18, at the MIT Museum, 265Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA, Room N52–118, 2–5 and 7–10. Free! National Model Railroad Association HUB Division, New England Model Train Expo, Saturday-Sunday, December 2–3,… Read More ›

Numb3rs and the MAA

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) has generally been enthusiastically positive about the well-known television show, Numb3rs. So has the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). These reactions are to be expected: both organizations want to promote interest in… Read More ›

Ah, that explains it

Some thoughtful reflections on the election — from Grover Norquist, best known for being head of Americans for Tax Reform, as well as being a distinguished alumnus of Weston High School and a close Republican colleague of Karl Rove: Nobody… Read More ›

Yearbooks and gender

What is it about yearbooks that makes boys unwilling to serve as editors? Year after year, when I look at the list of Weston High School yearbook editors, what do I see? Pulling out four recent yearbooks at random, I… Read More ›

Former students

Now that I’ve been teaching in Weston for almost ten years, I seem to be running into a surprising number of former students of mine (from Lincoln-Sudbury, but now through other connections). Weston isn’t exactly far from either Lincoln or… Read More ›

Mathematica and Maple

At Weston High School we’re considering the use of mathematical symbol-manipulation software such as Mathematica or Maple. Our theory is to pick one of these for a trial run for a year — just one copy per teacher, for use… Read More ›