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  • What Has Become of You

    Academic settings… disturbed and/or disturbing people… why do I keep reading such novels? Well, we know why the academic settings appeal to me. As for the characters, that’s harder to analyze. I suppose I’d like to understand some of the… Read More ›

  • Gyu-Kaku

    Gyu-Kaku recently opened a new restaurant at South Bay Center in Dorchester, its third location in Massachusetts (Harvard Square and Brookline predate it). This turns out to be an enormous chain — with over 700 restaurants world-wide, 90% of which… Read More ›

  • Easier (perhaps?) languages to identify

    A sentence is shown below in 13 different languages, which are obviously related but how many can you identify? Some of them are going to be easier than the languages on the Mars bar the other day. I can give a… Read More ›

  • High Society

    Why hadn’t I ever seen this movie before? I’m referring to the 1956 version of High Society, with a cast that includes Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Celeste Holm, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra. Most importantly, it has lyrics and music by… Read More ›

  • Literally

    Kory Stamper’s typically excellent article in The Cut is literally the best thing ever. What did you think of that sentence? Did the figurative/emphatic use of literally bug you? If so — or even if not — you should read “The 300-Year… Read More ›

  • Loner

    Take a look: he’s a nerdy Jewish kid from New Jersey, known as a “nice guy,” intellectually passionate but awkward in social situations. He’s starting his first day as a Harvard freshmen. How could I resist this 2016 novel by… Read More ›

  • Mars (the candy bar, not the planet)

    The image below shows the trilingual wrapper of a candy bar abandoned by a film crew that had been shooting in South Boston near Dorchester. Can you figure out what the three languages are? Hint #1: I can’t speak any… Read More ›

  • Blinded by the Light (the movie)

    What a terrific movie! You don‘t have to be a Springsteen fan to find it inspirational and completely engaging. You also don‘t have to be South Asian or British, even though your point of view would inevitably be affected if… Read More ›

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