Barbara’s ancestry

The day before yesterday, I reported the results of my DNA test to determine my ancestry. Barbara had her DNA tested at the same time. To the surprise of no one who knows us, her results were very different from… Read More ›

Bach’s Big Birthday Bash

I’d like to give a well-deserved shout-out to my students Laura and Thea for their excellent performance at yesterday’s Boston Bach Birthday Bash celebrating J.S. Bach’s 333rd birthday! Yes, it’s a few days early for Bach’s actual birthday, but that’s… Read More ›


I am retiring in four months. To paraphrase a colleague whom I have never met, “I will be retiring from Weston, not from education.” After 21 years at Weston — and 44 years altogether in teaching — it’s time. I told… Read More ›

DreamLand Wax Museum

Sometimes a Groupon just leaps out at you and demands to be purchased. It’s a bah-gain, after all, so how could you resist? That’s how Barbara and I ended up visiting Boston’s DreamLand Wax Museum as part of our staycation this week…. Read More ›

Still Life

What a beautiful collection of locally grown early-Autumn produce provided by one of my colleagues (looks like a still life, doesn’t it?)