Street art in Dot

No, it’s not a gallery, nor a museum. These are works of art created by anonymous artists in my neighborhood, spotted on a recent walk. The first two are—if you look closely—a pair of well-decorated traffic light control boxes. The… Read More ›

Too indulgent!

At first I wasn’t going to blog about last night’s dinner, which was our third-ever visit to Brasserie: writing about two pricey restaurants in one week was just too indulgent. But then, when dessert arrived, I had to change my… Read More ›

A Meh Landmark

After a couple of friends had enthusiastically recommended the pizza at the Landmark Public House in Adams Village, a.k.a. Adams Corner, Barbara and I decided to try it. We lucked into an open parking space right on Minot St. at… Read More ›