Special dinner from Tavolo

Example of unaware white privilege: A middle-class white guy complains that meals during the shutdown have included too much pasta, too much pizza, too many casseroles. I’m not going to be that guy. We’re not complaining. Still, it was great… Read More ›

Tavolo again

How excessive! Takeout two nights in a row! But desperate times call for desperate measures, as Hippocrates (supposedly) said. So Barbara and I got delicious takeout from Tavolo last night: stuffed quahogs, margherita pizza, tagliatelle bolognese, flourless chocolate cake —… Read More ›


Unusually delicious takeout last night from Kapow (actually styled “Kapow!”) in Lower Mills, Dorchester: Tom Yum soup, chicken wings, excited eggplant (!), steamed gyoza, udon garlic noodle with duck, and shrimp pad Thai — more than enough for both Barbara… Read More ›

The Mechanic

I should have known. Months ago, back on May 4th — OK, OK, I know that it was really just two weeks ago, but it feels like months — I was watching Greater Boston on Channel 2, as one does, and Jim Braude was… Read More ›

Takeout from The Bowery

The Bowery in Lower Mills has just reopened for takeout and delivery, so Barbara and I decided to try their new Sea Shanty offerings last night (no singing included): clam strips, excellent lobster rolls in a toasted bun with first-rate French… Read More ›