Gyu-Kaku recently opened a new restaurant at South Bay Center in Dorchester, its third location in Massachusetts (Harvard Square and Brookline predate it). This turns out to be an enormous chain — with over 700 restaurants world-wide, 90% of which… Read More ›

The Blarney Stone

Barbara had to work late continuing the endless task of cleaning out the Trybe house, so we went to the Blarney Stone around the corner for dinner. It was (perhaps surprisingly) really good — and (more surprisingly) it was relatively… Read More ›

110 Grill, South Bay

As long as we were at the South Bay Shopping Center yesterday, Barbara and I decided to reserve a table at the “new” 110 Grill through Open Table. (New to Dorchester, and new to us, that is. The restaurant is part… Read More ›

A noisy deal-breaker

…The space is also fashionably (some will say painfully) loud, to the point where conversation in the dining room at peak hours requires shouting. I understand why this is voguish — younger patrons equate quietness with death, and operators love… Read More ›


Mollie usually prefers her kitty couch, but today she prefers sitting regally in the sunlight on the back of the humans’ couch:

Steel & Rye

Once again it was too hot to cook, and it happened that Barbara and were a stone’s throw from Steel & Rye, which we hadn’t been to in a long time. Steel & Rye is actually in Milton, but it… Read More ›

The Bowery Bar

Yesterday it was too hot to cook, so Barbara and I decided to try out dinner at The Bowery Bar, a relatively new restaurant in Dorchester that we hadn’t yet been to. They have a beautiful patio, but we opted… Read More ›

Interpreting a sign

How do you interpret this sign? Does it mean… (A) handicapped parking on Election Day, with a 30-minute limit (and parking allowed for everyone on other days)? (B) handicapped parking all the time, usually with indefinite time but with a… Read More ›