Month: December 2008


I just discovered a cool poster-creating applet called Wordle. In their own words: Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source… Read More ›

In praise of Micci

A completely unsolicited testimonial: Barbara and I noticed that our 28-year-old gas furnace was behaving erratically, sometimes turning off and on in rapid intervals, and sometimes turning off altogether. We called Micci Fuel Co. to come look at it and… Read More ›

Dorchester Community Gardens

We tend to think of Dorchester as “inner city” — which indeed it is…or not, depending on one’s definition (see below). But most of us don’t think of urban gardens in connection with Dorchester. A useful antidote is Dorchester Community… Read More ›

Fred the Footrest

My major Hanukkah present from Barbara was a footstool in the shape of a genuine replica of a stuffed bear: We named him Fred the Footrest. You have noticed that William is loyally guarding Fred in case any hunters should… Read More ›

Chinese food in Elmira

We had lunch today at Beijing Garden, a reasonably good Chinese restaurant in Elmira. Why were we the only customers using chopsticks? Why was everybody covertly looking at us? And why wasn’t this restaurant open yesterday (Christmas Day)? I guess… Read More ›