Month: January 2010


What more can I add to all the chatter about James Cameron’s Avatar? Not much, except to share my opinions. You probably already know all that you need to know about this movie, and I certainly don’t want to include any… Read More ›

The King of Lies

During the last few months I read two interesting novels by John Hart: The Last Child, which I believe is his newest, and The King of Lies, which is definitely his first. It’s not really clear why I read them… Read More ›

Friday cat blogging

(For those who don’t know what Friday Cat Blogging is all about, see here or here or especially here.) Today’s observation is that chairs are for humans. William doesn’t agree:

How many applications????

I’ve just sent off my final college recommendations — for a couple of schools that have surprisingly late deadlines of January 10 or January 15. My spreadsheet shows that the students who asked me to write recommendations for them this… Read More ›

Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia has gotten so much publicity that I’m not sure I have much to add. It was a good movie to watch on New Year’s Eve — but watch it anyway if you haven’t seen it yet, New… Read More ›