Month: January 2011

Rail Power

It turned out to be a pleasure to read Steve Barry’s Rail Power, a gift from my sister-in-law. At first glance this looks like nothing more than a downsized coffee-table book, filled with lots of pictures and very little text. What… Read More ›

Making order out of chaos

BSP*: Come hear my talk on linguistics at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, February 1, at the Weston Public Library! Here’s a description: Making order out of chaos: A conversation about linguistics “Linguistics? What’s that?” This is the usual response I… Read More ›

Diamonds for the Dead

Diamonds for the Dead, by Alan Orloff, is a reasonably compelling mystery with an interesting cast of characters, many of whom are Russian immigrants in northern Virginia. The characters and the place make the book. It’s fun to read — nothing… Read More ›

dBar/Chau Chow

It was a good way to end one year and start the next. For New Year’s Eve, Barbara and I went out to eat at dBar; then, for breakfast the next morning, we went to Chau Chow for dim sum…. Read More ›