Month: August 2011

Working hard is not enough.

This post, like part of yesterday’s, brings up an educational dilemma:

On the one hand, we want students to work hard. That means that we need to provide incentives as rewards for working hard. Grades are pretty much the only currency we have in high school, so students expect to get good grades if they put in a lot of effort.

The age of distraction?

A recent article in Salon opens with the conventional view of “kids today”: They live in a state of perpetual, endless distraction, and, for many parents and educators, it’s a source of real concern. Will future generations be able to… Read More ›

Marcia Muller

Over the years I’ve read many books (more than two dozen) by the great mystery writer, Marcia Muller, who actually has a website now. Why is that surprising? Well, here’s the explanation in her own words: For those of you… Read More ›

Favorite numbers

On yesterday’s “Weekend Edition Sunday” on NPR, there was a five-minute segment on “What’s Your Favorite Number and Why?” The interview with British mathematician Alex Bellos is definitely worth listening to; you can find a listen-to-the-story link on that webpage…. Read More ›

Inverting the classroom

Several different threads have recently been coming together under the heading of “inverting the classroom.” The basic idea is that modern technology has let some of us come to the conclusion that the traditional model of the classroom has it… Read More ›

The helpful RMV

My inspection sticker expires this month, so I took the car to our dealer this morning (in case any work was needed) and discovered that our registration had expired two months ago! The current registration was nowhere to be found…. Read More ›

Please do not poster on this gate

Apparently poster has become a verb. If Harvard says so, it must be true. This sign appears on the gate of the fence that separates Harvard Yard on the south from the Science Center and Memorial Hall on the north: