Month: October 2011

Among Others: one comment

“Reading it is like being there.” That was a comment (on The Lord of the Rings) uttered by Mori, the narrator and protagonist of Jo Walton’s fascinating novel, Among Others. It was that comment that hooked me on this novel, which… Read More ›

The Square Root of Murder

Of course I wanted to like this book. What could be better than a mystery about a Massachusetts math teacher? But unfortunately this novel by Ada Madison (pen name of Camille Minichino) falls flat, IMHO at least. Apparently my opinion is… Read More ›

MCAS again

It’s easy to find plenty to dislike about MCAS, but I was particularly struck by the cogency of Sanjoy Mahajan’s piece entitled “Public School Math Doesn’t Teach Students How to Reason.” Aside from the usual arguments against MCAS — it… Read More ›