Month: February 2014

88 Wharf revisited

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post in which I speculated about whether 88 Wharf was going out of business. I had liked this Milton restaurant a lot back in 2009–2011, but by 2012 it had gone downhill…. Read More ›


“A mysterious document that has bedeviled scholars and top cryptographers for more than a century,” says the Boston Globe. Is it written in code? Is it art? How old is it? Read the article for some tantalizing information — and lack of… Read More ›

What do teachers do?

Must reading: The Teachers, by Sarah Blaine. Click on the link. Go read it before you get any further in this post…. … Finished? Read Blaine’s last paragraph again: The problem with teaching as a profession is that every single… Read More ›

What works in education

It’s hard to know where to begin this post. Perhaps I should simply ask you to read “What works in education” by Grant Wiggins — including the comments. Wiggins discusses John Hattie’s extensive statistical studies that compare the effectiveness of… Read More ›