Shell Game

If you like Donald Trump, don’t bother reading Shell Game, Sara Paretsky’s newest mystery novel: it will only irritate you. For the rest of us, it’s definitely worth reading. For a long time I always read every Paretsky book, but… Read More ›

Murder to Scale

A mystery novel in a model railroading setting? Who could resist? Not I! Murder to Scale, by Debra B. Schiff “with” Mike Blumensaadt, is a good enough story in which the setting plays a major role, not just a background part. When… Read More ›

Lethal White

As everyone knows — everyone, that is, except certain cats — Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym that J.K. Rowling adopted for her Cormoran Strike series of detective novels for adults. Lethal White is the fourth in this series. This is a long… Read More ›

In Prior’s Wood

Wasn’t it Alan Kay who had said the best way to predict the future was to create it? Yes, it was. Having worked briefly for computer scientist Alan Kay at Atari 35 years ago, I was rather startled to see… Read More ›

The Reckoning

“But this isn’t a courtroom thriller!” That’s what I heard you say, and then you threw it aside because you are a certain type of reader. Maybe you’re that type of reader, maybe you’re not. But you’re right that The Reckoning is… Read More ›

How geeky can you get?

‘There’s no excuse for being early,’ said Breslin. ‘No, I suppose not.’ ‘None whatsoever.’ ‘No.’ ‘It is forbidden.’ ‘Yes.’ He looked at his watch, studying it intently for several long moments before returning his gaze to me. ‘So now we’ve… Read More ›

The Breakers

The Breakers is a rather low-key episode in Marcia Muller’s long-running Sharon McCone series. In general there are two types of long-running series: those where the characters remain static and familiar, and those where the characters change and develop. Sharon… Read More ›