Model Railroading

Rail Power

It turned out to be a pleasure to read Steve Barry’s Rail Power, a gift from my sister-in-law. At first glance this looks like nothing more than a downsized coffee-table book, filled with lots of pictures and very little text. What… Read More ›

Model railroad pix

I know, it’s been six months. Several of my sophomores persuaded me to post photos of my model railroad (in progress). So I did so (linked from my home page), but they’re photographically not very good. In particular, they’re too… Read More ›


For April vacation we decided to visit Baltimore — partly because we wanted to see the city, partly because we knew a couple of people there, and partly because it was an excuse to ride on the high-speed Acela Express…. Read More ›

HUB Model Train Expo

Just went to the Hub Model Train Expo in Marlborough. It was surprisingly popular — I had to park a quarter mile away — but somewhat disappointing. There were lots of vendors, mostly selling similar items, and only a few… Read More ›

The Wenham Museum

What an astonishing museum! “An undiscovered gem” was how the docent at the desk described it on our way out, and she is right. Barbara and I visited the Wenham Museum yesterday — our first time in Wenham for either… Read More ›