Month: May 2006

Chau Chow

Dorchester finally has a good Chinese restaurant! For years we’ve had to cross the border into Quincy to eat at the best Chinese restaurant around, the Great Chow (which, as I only discovered two years ago, is owned by the… Read More ›

Weston supports its schools

On Saturday the residents of Weston voted to override the restrictions of Proposition 2½, thereby providing another year of adequate funding for its schools. Yes, I know that “they can afford it,” but in all too many well-to-do towns the… Read More ›

Art Show

Yesterday afternoon, Barbara and I attended the third annual art exhibition, “At Home with the Arts,” at The Boston Home, a nursing home for adults with advanced MS. Didn’t buy anything, but there were a number of works we liked…. Read More ›

Team-teaching CS and Art

So I’m teaching a course called “Create Your Own Computer Game” to fourth-graders at The Saturday Course, and last week I’m talking to Eileen, an artist who teaches “The Art of Drawing”; I happen to remark that some of the… Read More ›

Black Orpheus

Just watched Black Orpheus on DVD. I hadn’t seen it for at least 35 years, but it still holds up as a classic masterpiece, especially the cinematography. Highly recommended.

Another play about math!

Or about mathematicians, at any rate: On May 15 and 16, the Underground Railway Theater and The MIT Office for the Arts will be performing a play by Ira Hauptman entitled Partition: A fantasy based on the life of self-taught… Read More ›

Rating high schools

What kind of metric should we use in order to rate high schools (assuming, of course, that we should rate high schools comparatively, which is a big assumption). According to Newsweek, we should be calculating A/S, where A is the… Read More ›

School Days

I just finished listening to Robert Parker’s School Days on audiobook. This must be the 75th novel in the Spenser series…no, wait, let me look it up…ah, it only feels like the 75th, it’s actually the 34th. So, with that… Read More ›