Another play about math!

Or about mathematicians, at any rate:

On May 15 and 16, the Underground Railway Theater and The MIT Office for the Arts will be performing a play by Ira Hauptman entitled Partition: A fantasy based on the life of self-taught mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan. Here is the official description:

In 1913, Ramanujan was brought from India to England by G.H. Hardy. Partition explores the turbulent relationship between the two mathematicians, torn by cultural clashes and opposing ideas, as well as the mystical bond between Ramanujan and Namagiri, his sensual mentor: a Hindu goddess and his “Divine Mother”.

On the 15th the performance will be in Room 10-250 at MIT, on the 16th at the Cambridge Family YMCA, 820 Mass. Ave, in Central Square. Both performances are at 7:30 PM, and each is followed by a discussion with Robert Kanigel and others. Kanigel is the author of a biography of Ramanujan, The Man Who Knew Infinity.

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