Month: December 2012

Is ed reform hurting kids?

OK, so I’m fortunate to be teaching in Weston, not in Chicago. The populations are very different, the school systems are very different, and the school administrations are very different. Nevertheless, I highly appreciated the essay “Make No Mistake, Corporate… Read More ›

The whole nine yards

It isn’t often that you see an article about linguistics in the New York Times — and on the front page of the Arts section to boot! But that’s what happened yesterday, in a piece about the etymology of the expression… Read More ›

Champagne for Caesar

Recently saw Champagne for Caesar, a 1950 comedy starring Ronald Colman, Celeste Holm (best known in certain obscure circles as Ted Nelson’s mother), Vincent Price, Barbara Britton, and Art Linkletter (yes, that Art Linkletter). The whole movie is very funny, and I don’t… Read More ›

The Hobbit

I went to see The Hobbit the afternoon of Erev Christmas, expecting it to be crowded as the theatre had warned me to buy tickets well in advance…but it turned out to be 90% empty. Maybe it had something to do with… Read More ›

Credit Recovery

“Credit recovery” is another appalling consequence of No Child Left Behind. Although I know that it’s not politically correct to characterize it this way, that’s how I see it. Let’s see what it is and how its cheerleaders write about… Read More ›

Faithful Place and Broken Harbor

It sounds like an old chewing gum commercial: Do you want to double your reading pleasure? Then check out two more beautifully written psychological thrillers by Tana French. Technically, I suppose, they are murder mysteries in the police-procedural sub-genre, but… Read More ›