Month: May 2020


Unusually delicious takeout last night from Kapow (actually styled “Kapow!”) in Lower Mills, Dorchester: Tom Yum soup, chicken wings, excited eggplant (!), steamed gyoza, udon garlic noodle with duck, and shrimp pad Thai — more than enough for both Barbara… Read More ›

Freedom City

So Donald Trump dies from an apparent heart attack after taking hydroxychloroquine, and President Pence calls on far-right militias to enforce a “Make America Great Again” fascist-style government. OK, it’s fiction. More or less. My opening sentence is not quite… Read More ›

The Mechanic

I should have known. Months ago, back on May 4th — OK, OK, I know that it was really just two weeks ago, but it feels like months — I was watching Greater Boston on Channel 2, as one does, and Jim Braude was… Read More ›