Following in the recent tradition of Wordle and its many spinoffs, Globle is an online game that will let you test your knowledge of geography in an unconventional format.

The instructions are simple. First your opponent (the computer) picks a hidden country, which we’ll call country A. Then you guess a country (let’s call it country B); B shows on a map and you are told how far apart B and A are. Lather, rinse, repeat. The map is color-coded to show whether you’re getting warmer or not. For example, in the image below, I started with Chad, was told it was 2402 miles from A, so I then tried Egypt, which turned out to be 1390 miles away. Getting warmer, as shown by the colors!

And so forth. My fifth guess was Kazakhstan, of course:

And then, on my sixth guess, I got it: Uzbekistan!

Many thanks to my former student and current reading-Latin-and-Greek partner Robin Boots for recommending Globle.

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