Back again…

I thought I had given up my blog forever. But apparently not. I’ve been persuaded to resume blogging, so stay tuned for further posts…


Yesterday was a professional development day in Weston. The entire K–12 faculty met together for a long lecture on special ed law, two workshops (I picked Google Classroom and 3-D Printing among a lot of choices), and a film about… Read More ›

The food never arrived!

Oh noes! I waited and waited…they even sent me a receipt by email…but the food never arrived! Then I realized that I hadn’t ordered delivery for lunch…and such an odd menu…maybe they confused Dorchester, MA, with its namesake, Dorchester, England…. Read More ›

Why Morocco?

I was just looking at the stats for this blog, and I was surprised to notice that the second-largest number of my readers come from…Morocco. Why Morocco? A quick search shows that I’ve mentioned Morocco only once ever in the… Read More ›

Marauder’s Map

Harry would be jealous. Look at this: it’s a real-life Marauder’s Map! But instead of showing where people are, it shows where MBTA subway trains are — right now, in real time. How cool is that?

Hello Ruby

Can young kids really learn about coding (which we used to call “programming”)? If so, do they need a computer, or can they learn it better through reading and playing board games? Linda Llukas is betting on “yes” and “the… Read More ›

A return to blogging

So…how long has it been since I blogged? Almost a year? Well, ten months anyway, which is far too long a hiatus. So I’m resuming as of today. I am hoping for at least four posts a week, and probably… Read More ›