Probably this debate is esoteric enough for you. But let’s see. We start with a remark by Scott Aaronson on his Shtetl-Optimized Blog: Last month, you’ll recall, Steve [Pinker} and I debated the implications of scaling AI models such as GPT-3 and… Read More ›

Following 22 podcasts…

That’s too many, you say! Maybe so, but I really do follow 22 podcasts. First, though, I should say that I started following a 23rd podcast today. But another one that I followed up through yesterday is no longer producing… Read More ›

More chaos! More CatNet!

The second novel in a series is always worse than the first. Of course that’s not true—unless you replace “always” with “often” or perhaps even “usually.” Or perhaps the wishy-washy “sometimes.” All generalizations are false, as they say. Including this… Read More ›