Month: April 2007

My Favorite Year (II)

As I reported in my post of April 19, Weston High School’s spring musical this year is My Favorite Year. Yesterday’s opening-night performance was thoroughly enjoyable, with some surprising casting and some unusually strong performances. Joav Birjiniuk, Laura Caso, Todd… Read More ›

Cinco de Mayor

As part of the aforementioned fundraising for the Mayor of Dorchester campaign and Dorchester Day activities, the Ashmont Adams Neighborhood Association and the St. Mark’s Area Main Streeet volunteres will be sponsoring a Cinco de Mayo celebration on (of course)… Read More ›

Body Double

I just finished reading Body Double, by Tess Gerritsen. I have mixed reactions. On the whole, I suppose, I would say that I recommend it with reservations. It definitely kept my attention, and I didn’t want to quit in the… Read More ›

Dot chili cookoff (post-)

I wrote earlier about the Dorchester Chili Cookoff, a fundraiser for the Mayor of Dorchester/Dorchester Day Parade. It turned out to be a good experience, but with some flaws. Ten or eleven neighborhoods contributed entries, and IMHO the winner was… Read More ›

My Favorite Year (I)

I finally watched My Favorite Year, in anticipation of Weston High School’s production of the musical version of this classic 1982 film. A slightly disguised roman à clef about Mel Brooks, Sid Caesar, and Errol Flynn, this movie manages to… Read More ›

Dot chili cookoff (pre-)

“What does this mean?” a local realtor asked Barbara, pointing to a “Craig Galvin for Mayor of Dorchester” sign. “Dorchester is part of the city of Boston; it doesn’t have its own mayor!” So Barbara patiently explained that although there… Read More ›

How Doctors Think

After a few weeks in the Minuteman Library Network queue, Jerome Groopman’s recently published book, How Doctors Think, finally became available, so I promptly checked it out and checked it out. It lives up to its publicity, though the brief… Read More ›