Earth Day in Weston

We observed Earth Day today at Weston High School (since the real Earth Day will come right after April vacation). Classes were shortened to 55 minutes to allow time for a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, and we had guest speakers available throughout the day. Results of a student survey of environmentally aware behavior were presented, and everyone was encouraged to cut down on our use of resources through recycling, reuse, carpooling, and the like. I distributed some flyers on wind power from Mass Energy and the New England Wind Fund. Science teachers and members of Students for Environmental Action prominently wore their “I’m a tree hugger” tee shirts.

Student responses were generally positive, though of course there were some who considered it all a left-wing plot and there were others who are too much in love with their SUVs to believe that they could be harmful. Actually, I shouldn’t say “others,” as these were probably not disjoint groups.

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