Had lunch on Saturday at the newly opened Mifune in Arlington Center — despite the fact that a review on Yelp claims that they didn’t open until Monday. Here’s what the reviewer says, dated today, with a few irrelevancies omitted:

Mifune…is open! My GF and I swung past there last night and discovered they had literally opened that day. The new decor is lovely, nice burnished wood accents, a classy-looking sushi bar, etc… 

It was clear that this was opening night and everyone seemed just a little… well, not entirely relaxed. That said, the service was attentive and pleasant.

The menu is extensive, with both Chinese and Japanese foods well-represented, not to mention a few curveballs like a Jamaican Salad (?). We shared some sushi followed by the House Special Pan-fried Noodles. The sushi was above-average, and they had some interesting rolls like tuna/asparagus. I liked that they went a little easy on the rice on the inside-out rolls, and the spicy tuna was very zingy. We both liked the noodles a fair bit — they were crispy on the edges and well-cooked in the middle, with a good mix of meats and veggies.

All in all a solid addition to the neighborhood, but I didn’t think it was hugely special. I will definitely be back for take-out lunches and to sample more of the menu.

…They weren’t taking credit cards yet so my GF had to run to CVS and buy us some toothpaste with cash-back :). I’m sure this will be resolved very soon, after all it was opening night…

Oddly enough, I ate there two days earlier, and they definitely took my credit card. Oh, well.

I have nothing to disagree with in the content of the review. We had an unusual and delicious appetizer, Tiger’s Eyes, which consisted of grilled squid stuffed with smoked salmon and asparagus, and ordinary but competent miso soup. My bento box contained the aforementioned sushi, the usual vegetables, and beef teriyaki. I agree that nothing was “hugely special,” but it was all excellent, so we too will definitely be back.

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