Dot chili cookoff (pre-)

“What does this mean?” a local realtor asked Barbara, pointing to a “Craig Galvin for Mayor of Dorchester” sign. “Dorchester is part of the city of Boston; it doesn’t have its own mayor!”

So Barbara patiently explained that although there is no official position of Mayor of Dorchester, this has long been an honorary post, the campaign for which serves as a fundraising device for the annual Dorchester Day parade. She refrained from observing that any local realtor should know more about the culture of the community in which he’s selling homes. She also refrained from pointing out the irony that Galvin is also a local realtor, so maybe the clueless one should know more about him as well. Dorchester Reporter editor Bill Forry writes about the history of the Mayor of Dorchester position:

The contest, which started back in 1998 when retired labor boss Pat Walsh seized the first-ever title by raising a still-unmatched sum of $23,000, has had its ups and downs. In some cases, the eventual winner has run unopposed, generating little, if any, interest, and even less money for parade organizers, who count on the contest to help them cover the estimated $50,000 pricetag of the annual jaunt up the avenue.

Often there are two candidates for Mayor of Dorchester, who compete to see who can raise more money. But not this year. As Forry observes, an unopposed candidate generates little interest and less money. So, in a new twist as an additional fundraiser in this one-candidate race, the first annual Dorchester Chili Cookoff will be held at Florian Hall this Sunday, April 22, at 5:30 PM. Be there!

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