Month: September 2015

The Ophelia Cut

You’re probably wondering how many John Lescroart mystery novels featuring Dismas Hardy I’ve read at this point. No, you’re not wondering that? That’s just as well, since I’m not at all sure; there are 14 in all, and they seem… Read More ›

A Little Night Music

Yesterday afternoon Barbara and I went to see A Little Night Music at the Huntington Theatre. Go see it! Although I consider myself something of a fan of Stephen Sondheim, I had never seen this particular musical before, either on stage… Read More ›

Common bonds…or One No Trump

What do these three have in common? Tea-partiers who distrust experienced teachers and blame them for everything that’s wrong in education. Climate-deniers who distrust scientists. Republicans who prefer any of the three highest-polling candidates (Trump, Carson, Fiorina). They’re all right-wingers, of course,… Read More ›


What is the key question? Not to sound like Abbott and Costello, but actually “why” is the key question. A year ago, my boss’s boss, Pam Bator — new in that role at the time — started a blog called“Why?” Note… Read More ›