The Shining Girls

What an unusual book! The genre-defying novel The Shining Girls, by South African author Lauren Beukes, might not be your cup of tea…but give it a try.

Don’t worry about its genre. Is it science fiction? Is it fantasy? Is it a thriller? Is it a mainstream novel? I don’t know, but you should just read it on its own terms and accept its unusual premise: a house in Chicago that lets you walk through a door and step out into a different year.

The novel shifts quickly from decade to decade. One moment you’re in the ’20s, another moment in the ’80s. Yes, that can be confusing, so you have to pay close attention. This is the author’s own image of unraveling the plot:

One warning: there is a fair amount of violence in this story. The protagonist is a sociopath of the worst sort. Actually, it’s a bit hard to determine who’s the protagonist: is it the time-traveling sociopathic serial killer, or is it the Jewish-Iranian girl who…well, no spoilers here, so you’ll have to finish the sentence yourself after you read the book.

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