Standards of mathematical practice: A portfolio

Check out Tina Cardone’s post about standards of mathematical practice. Her suggestions relate closely to my post of August 30, where I discussed the attributes of a good mathematician and how we’re planning to measure them in Weston. There’s a big overlap here, but it’s worth paying attention to both sets of ideas. Like the Weston teachers, Cardone also has each student keep track of their adherence to good mathematical practices by building up individual portfolios throughout the year in whatever order they want. Unlike the Weston teachers, she has each student find two examples of each practice, but that’s just a detail. Perhaps a bigger difference is she writes each standard in the form of an “I…” statement. Or perhaps that’s not such a big difference, but merely reflects the contrasting populations of Weston and Salem, which differ significantly in both socioeconomic status and in percentage of ELL students.

In any case, one thing that’s a pleasure to read in Cardone’s post is that it’s pretty open-ended, with more questions than answers. I’m thinking now that I want to meld her ideas with ours, and we’ll see whether the result is more robust and productive than either one separately. I’ve printed out her posters and will put them up in my classroom next week. Then I have to figure out how to write suitable assignments around this plan. So stay tuned and remain flexible…


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