How to build a metaverse

Cats may have nine lives. You don’t, but at least you can have a Second Life.

Second Life, as you probably know, is an example of a metaverse. Do not confuse this with the new name of Facebook’s parent corporation, Meta.

On second thought, do confuse it, because it’s the whole reason behind Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to change the corporate name from Facebook, Inc., to Meta.

So what’s going on here? A good way to find out is to listen to the Wall Street Journal’s four-episode podcast, How to Build a Metaverse. It will tell you all about Second Life, including its history, significance, and limitations. If you’re not aware of this platform, or if you think it’s a video game, listen to the podcast, which will set you straight. Basically, Second Life lets you build your own multi-person interactive world. It’s not a game, and nothing can go wrong.

Ha! A bell just went off. Of course you realize that as soon as someone tells you that nothing can go wrong, something will. Or everything will.

One more comment: I tried out Second Life nine years ago, when it was new. But I soon gave up, as I never knew what I was supposed to do. Apparently it wasn’t for me, but maybe it’s for you. Or maybe the new metaverse from Facebook—excuse me, Meta—will be for you. Try out the podcast first.

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