What’s wrong with the word “inbox”?

Nothing is wrong with it!

Even peevers who dislike all words that are newer than 50 years old can’t object: inbox is actually 64 years old! (In the sense, of course, of the physical tray on your desk, not in the email sense.)

So why did Word Welder send me this message when I tried to use the word inbox? If you don’t know Word Welder, you should try it. It’s the best of the many games I play on my iPhone. Well…it’s the best of the few games I play on my iPhone. Well, OK…these days it’s the only game I play on my iPhone.

So I’m unreasonably annoyed that they reject inbox. Also, read the message again; there’s no such word as lexologist! Do they mean lexicographer? Or do they think that using a made-up word makes up for rejecting a perfectly good word?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Categories: Linguistics, Technology