Month: December 2015


Yesterday evening, Barbara and I drove over to Somerville for a post-solstice/pre-New-Years holiday dinner with my sister and niece. Unfortunately their housemate, Bones, didn’t get enough to eat over the holiday.

Languages of the UK

English, Scots, British Sign Language, Welsh, Gaelic, Irish, Cornish, Manx, Angloromani and Shelta What is the common bond here? Obviously they’re all languages that are currently in use in the UK. Well…no…it’s not that obvious. You probably haven’t heard of Angloromani… Read More ›

Thank you, Mr. Wegman.

Barbara and I had an excellent dinner last night. We prepared all of it from ingredients bought earlier in the day at the Wegman’s in Chestnut Hill. Thank you, Mr. Wegman! Your sherry, lobster tails, stuffed mushrooms, green beans, and shiraz were all delicious…. Read More ›

That’s Not English

It’s entertaining, it’s charming, it’s informative, but…ultimately it’s disappointing. Every chapter shows great promise…and then it suddenly ends before that promise could be fulfilled. That’s Not English: Britishisms, Americanisms, and What Our English Says About Us, by Erin Moore,  is a book… Read More ›

Math is forever.

You can never take a holiday from math. Read this brief but wonderful paragraph from distinguished physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson (retired but still flourishing at age 92!): It’s the beauty of mathematics, as opposed to physics, that it’s forever. I published my… Read More ›


If you’re a film buff (as I am not), you will want to see Hitchcock/Truffaut, currently playing in Kendall Square, Cambridge. I went with a couple of friends who are film buffs, as I had assumed (correctly) that they would enjoy this documentary about the… Read More ›