Congratulations to the Math Team!

Congratulations to the Weston High School Math Team for their fine performance at this afternoon’s Massachusetts Math League meet! After trekking to the wilds of Acton, the team garnered a total of 111 points. Senior Akiva Gordon was in top place, earning 16 of those points. The problem above was probably the simplest one (actually from last year, since this year’s ones haven’t been released yet, but no matter).

As a result, halfway through the 2015-16 season, Weston is comfortably in second place among medium-sized high schools in the Massachusetts Math League. Current score totals for the top five schools are as follows:

  • Canton 368
  • Weston 335
  • St. John’s Prep 219
  • Bedford 217
  • Arlington Catholic 197

Will Weston ever catch up to Canton? It could happen….

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