Dirty Old Boston, On the Dot Books, chain stores, and the Dot2Dot Cafe

Dorchester does have a bookstore! A very small one, but a bookstore nonetheless — and it’s neither a Barnes & Noble nor a Borders. No, wait…Borders is no more…is Barnes & Noble the only remaining brick-and-mortar chain bookstore? They’re also online, and of course there’s Amazon online, but what’s left IRL? Cambridge does have a few options, such as the Harvard Book Store  — and Brattleboro does have several, but that’s not exactly convenient. Clearly it’s a dying breed.

Coming back to my opening sentence…the tiny On The Dot Books, located inside the Dot2Dot Café, hosted a dinner+talk yesterday: Jim Botticelli showed slides from his new book, Dirty Old Boston, with commentary by the author and (a lot of) audience participation. This book, subtitled Four Decades of a City in Transition, consists of several hundred fascinating photos of Boston from the last forties through the eighties. Botticelli points out that he is really the curator, not the author, since there’s almost no text except for photo captions. But if you want photos showing clearly that Boston is a city in transition, this is your book.

And what about the dinner, you ask? The menu, unsurprisingly, was very limited (see image above), but everything was excellent. It’s too bad they aren’t open regularly for dinner, so go there for brunch.

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