Month: October 2020

I am the very model of…

No, I’m not talking about Tom Lehrer’s famous song, “The Elements,” nor about n–2 others of the n parodies of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Major General’s song, where n must be a large number. I’m talking about “I Am the very Model of a Biblical… Read More ›

Just Thai

Barbara and I had a yummy take-out dinner last night from the new Thai restaurant in Fields Corner, Just Thai: chicken wings with ginger glaze, ground peanuts, and scallion; spring rolls; scallion pancakes; Tom Yum soup; shrimp pad thai; and broccoli… Read More ›

Will he go?

Will he go? Of course he will! We hope. He says he’s “not sure” that he will accept the results. I have just finished reading the short but vital book by Lawrence Douglas with the full title of Will He Go?… Read More ›

It’s pronounced “GIF”!

That headline isn’t very helpful, as you have no doubt figured out. After all, it’s spelled “GIF,” but it’s pronounced with a hard G as in “gift” — or perhaps with a soft G as in “giraffe.” But which? You probably know the answer…… Read More ›