Peabody Square on Chronicle

It was great to see my neighborhood featured on Channel 5’s Chronicle this evening! And no, it wasn’t because of crime, but because of diversity and the new transit-oriented development near Ashmont Station. The episode, called “Happenin’ Hoods,” included a… Read More ›

All-Dorchester seder

Yes, it was one night early for Passover, but last night Barbara and I attended the 2008 All-Dorchester Seder, which is held every year at the First Parish Church. A seder at a church? Well, yes. In the first place,… Read More ›

Dorchester and Weston

According to an article in this morning’s Boston Globe, the average annual income in Dorchester 02124 (where I live) is $34,556. The average annual income in Weston 02493 (where I teach) is $531,374. That’s a ratio of slightly more than… Read More ›

JP Seafood

Last night Barbara and I ate at JP Seafood, one of our favorite restaurants for times when she works late in Jamaica Plain. (You’ll note that I’ve included the Dorchester label for this post, even though Jamaica Plain is not… Read More ›

Applying Yourself

I’ve been catching up on some back reading over vacation, so I just now got to my copy of the January issue of Harvard Magazine. After reading “Applying Yourself,” by college senior Liz Godwin, I am convinced that this essay… Read More ›