New Year's Eve at the Ashmont Grill and High Fidelity

To celebrate the New Year, Barbara and I just had dinner at the Ashmont Grill, which offered a special menu for New Year’s Eve. Although we hadn’t really intended this to be a “going out in public” experience — like attending First Night, say — it turned out that we knew the people at all three of the tables next to us! Anyway, the food and the experience were highly commendable, as usual. You probably won’t find these on the regular menu, but I highly recommend both the duck confit appetizer and the lamb chops entree, which were what I had last night. Whatever their menu of the day might be, I highly recommend that you take a trip into Dorchester — perhaps not your usual location for dining out — and eat at the Ashmont Grill, even if it’s for nothing fancier than cheeseburgers and onion rings (both of which happen to be first-rate there, by the way).

After the excellent dinner we went home to watch videos. We started with High Fidelity, but Barbara had already seen it and I found it terribly boring, so we gave up on it. Oh, well.

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