Dorchester described accurately

I know, it shouldn’t be news when a major publication describes Dorchester accurately. It should be the dog-bites-man vs. man-bites-dog thing. But, unfortunately, accurate yet positive descriptions of Dorchester have come to be man-bites-dog stories in the mainstream press.

Then there’s Business Week.

Did I say Business Week? Yep, you heard me correctly. In the March 6 issue, Maya Roney reports writes about Dorchester in a story entitled “America’s Next Hot Neighborhoods”:

…the neighborhood of Dorchester remains affordable even though home values there have increased nearly 60% in the last five years. The median home value is now $331,896, according to Zillow. Almost a separate city in itself, Dorchester is a large and diverse working-class community south of Boston’s center, with many Irish and Southeast Asian immigrants, as well as a significant African American population. Residents enjoy riverfront amenities like beaches and boating, as well as the green space and recreational activities of 527-acre Franklin Park.

I know, she could have mentioned the crime issues and other problems that plague the descriptions of Dorchester in the local media, but everything Roney writes is accurate. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Thanks to the Dorchester Reporter for bringing this to our attention.

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