More dim sum at Chau Chow

In my post of May 9, I had promised to review the new branch of Chau Chow that recently opened in Dorchester. But then, alas, my blog went on hiatus, so you’ve seen no review from me. Here, at last, is what I’m sure you’ve been waiting for:

Barbara and I have been to Chau Chow once for dinner and four times for Dim Sum, and we highly recommend it. As for the dinner, a single Chinese dinner shared between only two people is really insufficient to provide an adequate basis for judgment, and I no longer remember the details, so suffice it to say that we had no complaints. I’ll review the dinners more in the future.

The dim sum, on the other hand, is easy to be enthusiastic about. They serve it every day from 9:00 to 3:00, and we made the mistake of trying it the first time around noon on Memorial Day. Apparently the rest of the world was there too; the restaurant had recently opened, and it was a holiday, so it wasn’t really a surprise to find the place packed. There were at least 200 seated customers, along with at least 25 more waiting to be seated, but we got right in because there was very little demand for tables for two. Almost everyone was Asian, which is presumably a good sign. We subsequently returned on three weekdays, the last of which was at 9:00 in the morning on a summer Wednesday, and there were plenty of available tables.

As expected, far too much food came around — always on carts, always hot, fresh, and delicious. I don’t know the names of everything, but we especially liked the shrimp-and-lobster dumplings, the meatballs, the shrimp shumai, the roast pork buns, and the latkes — I mean fried taro pancakes.

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