Month: September 2018

Urban nature

What do you see here? Your eyes are probably drawn first to the renovated Baker Chocolate Factory building that dominates the top half of the photo. Then you look at the bottom half and see more urban landscape — some… Read More ›

Something Wonderful

You need the subtitle. The full name of the book is Something Wonderful: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Revolution, which gives you a pretty good picture of the subject of the book. As I grew up in the ’60s, I was… Read More ›

Heavenly Creatures

Wow! Just saw this 1994 film — what took me so long? — and now Heavenly Creatures will clearly be added to the list of my top ten all-time favorite movies (though I’m not yet sure which entry it will displace)…. Read More ›

A small job

As you can see, we badly needed a new ceiling in our guest room. We also needed a ceiling light, not to mention a fan. And while we were at it, we also needed a new ceiling and new light… Read More ›

Singular “they”

I am not on Twitter. If I were, I would have to re-retweet this tweet, originally from Kory Stamper, already retweeted by Gretchen McCullogh: She’s a little less temperate than I am, but… yeah. And do read her book —… Read More ›


I can’t help keeping track. Four restaurant meals ago, at the Menotomy Grill, our young server said “Awesome!” four times during our meal. I foolishly thought that would be some kind of record. Lower Mills Tavern was better: just two… Read More ›