A small job

the ceiling in the guest room last week, before work began

As you can see, we badly needed a new ceiling in our guest room. We also needed a ceiling light, not to mention a fan. And while we were at it, we also needed a new ceiling and new light fixture in our downstairs hall. Our “regular” contractor, who hasn’t done work for us in years, removed both ceilings, uncovering what you see above the guest room (after he put up those strips of wood) and what you see in the hall: some old wallpaper!

after stage 1 in the guest room


old wallpaper uncovered in the hall


the new ceiling in the den before the crown molding


a bare light bulb hanging down (almost done!)


crown molding in, some bare bookshelves brought back in


the new fan and ceiling light

It was indeed a small job, taking only a few days.

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