This American Life: “How I Got into College”

No, this post is not about how I got into college — it’s the title of last week’s episode of This American Life, which I have just been listening to. I’m not going to write about the bulk of the episode here; I’ll save that for another post. At this point I just want to quote, almost without comment, from a couple of recent letters to the admissions office at Georgia Tech, which were read aloud at the beginning of the episode.

The first is from a parent:

My second grader has decided on a career in electrical engineering. He is leaning towards MIT, but I do not find them helpful and would prefer a southern culture. Would you please tell me how to prepare him for admission? He will be an Eagle Scout by then and wants to go to the best school. Please advise.

And this is from a high school senior (part of a letter applying to Georgia Tech, mind you):

So after visiting the campus, reading the information brochure, and researching the university website, I understand and believe that Duke offers what I hope to gain from my college experience.


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