“JP” stands for…

For some of us, JP means Jamaica Plain.

For others of us, it’s the country code for Japan—as in URLs ending in “.jp” and other related uses.

For everyone, and for both of the above reasons, it’s appropriately in the name of JP Seafood, our long-time favorite restaurant in Jamaica Plain near where Barbara works. Although we’ve gotten take-out from there a lot during the last couple of years, we hadn’t dined in there for quite a while. So last night was a treat. Excellent service from the overworked staff, and consistently delicious food:

  • steamed shrimp shumai
  • steamed pork shumai
  • Korean beef dumpling soup with egg, clear potato noodles and scallions
  • tempura-style green bean fries
  • spicy maki combo on a cool plate shaped like an 8-pointed star [think of the opportunities for geometry problems!]
  • fish & chips

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