Urban nature

What do you see here? Your eyes are probably drawn first to the renovated Baker Chocolate Factory building that dominates the top half of the photo. Then you look at the bottom half and see more urban landscape — some… Read More ›


I can’t help keeping track. Four restaurant meals ago, at the Menotomy Grill, our young server said “Awesome!” four times during our meal. I foolishly thought that would be some kind of record. Lower Mills Tavern was better: just two… Read More ›


If you live in Massachusetts, be sure to vote tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/4) in the primaries! In most races in this state the primary is more important than the general election.  

The Industry, Visit #3

Third time’s the charm, right? That’s what they say. Well, this was something of the reverse situation. Night before last was the third time that Barbara and I had dinner at The Industry. I had already written enthusiastic reviews of the… Read More ›

Fireworks and You

“Hey, Larry!” shouts my neighbor as I take out the trash yesterday evening. “Where are your fireworks?” “People shouldn’t be setting off fireworks in residential neighborhoods,” I reply. “They scare cats and dogs.” “But you’re not scared,” he reasoned. “No,… Read More ›