The late lamented CF Donovan’s, in the Savin Hill neighborhood of Dorchester, closed its doors for good just over three years ago. Barbara and I had always enjoyed eating there — not for its gourmet food, but for the standard… Read More ›

A bad sign

I fear that 88 Wharf, which I reviewed three years ago, is going downhill. The rumor is that it’s about to go out of business. I don’t know whether that is really true, but the subject line of their recent… Read More ›

Boston Cream

I had never heard of Canadian crime fiction writer Howard Shrier before reading Boston Cream, part of Shrier’s series featuring Toronto detective Jonah Geller. In a recent interview, the author said that “some Canadian readers have said that these books are… Read More ›


Power just went out…then it came on…then it went out…then it came on…then it went out for a longer time…now it’s back on (obviously)…. So I’m sitting here grading geometry quizzes, while Douglas naps on my left side (when he… Read More ›

Fox and Hound

Groupons, of course, are designed to have two principal advantages. The most obvious one is that they save you money. The other advantage is that they encourage you to try new places (surely the main reason businesses offer them). So… Read More ›

Ashmont Grill, yet again

OK, time to write about the Ashmont Grill for the nth time. For some reason, attendance at their Wine Club has been getting sparser and sparser each week. Actually, today was only the second time in several months that Barbara… Read More ›


We have a new cat, a long-haired white beast with some dark gray smudges. He’s apparently about eight years old, according to the vet. We had to adopt him because he was a stray who had been hanging around on… Read More ›

Franklin Park Zoo

Spent a lovely morning walking around the Franklin Park Zoo today. I started with the zebra and the aptly named wildebeests, who were running around like…well, like wildebeests, dashing from one end of their huge enclosure all the way to… Read More ›